Monday, 15 June 2015

An introduction to digital marketing for your business

An introduction to digital marketing for your business

By Clair Marr, The Graphic Edge

The only constant it seems with digital marketing is change* and it can be difficult to maintain and evolve your online presence. Businesses are bombarded daily by SEO companies promising ‘page 1 Google rankings’, querying your current search engine rankings or offering to build an external link profile quickly. Making sense of this fast paced industry and baffling techspeak provides challenges for even the most seasoned marketing professional. Whilst it is impossible to predict what will happen over the next search engine algorithm updates, by applying ethical SEO strategies recommended by the search engines themselves and a good dose of common sense, you can focus on digital strategy with a long term approach and establish industry best practices from the outset. There are no guarantees with SEO and no quick fix, but you can learn to make well-informed decisions founded on trends, historical data and analytics.

Building your brand online gives you an identity, which in turn builds familiarity with your potential clients. A prospect focused strategy concentrating on leveraging quality content and proven marketing principles will prove the most sustainable and effective long-term approach. By understanding your customer’s journey you have a better chance of converting them into a valuable lead and your website can provide opportunity for enhancing their user experience. Demonstrate consistent brand messages throughout your website, visually engage with your market and interact through opening lines of communication with your customer.

Aside from your website, consider various alternative or complimentary routes to market. Engage in your local online community whether participating in online industry discussions or debates, socially engage with your prospective clients and write blog posts or articles that answer frequently asked questions posed by your market. By sharing your sector knowledge and expertise you become a valuable resource to your potential clients and importantly create trust and value for your business.

The key to successful digital marketing lies in identifying those opportunities which connect your customer objectives with your business needs.

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